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We Landed On The Moon: These Little Wars [Album Review]

We Landed On The Moon

We Landed On The Moon‘s front-woman Melissa Eccles has a blessed voice that is absolutely perfect for a guitar pop wonderland. But, These Little Wars is obviously very much a group effort. The band’s take on the eighties and nineties scene is compelling and exciting. And, unlike Neil Armstrong’s supposed voyage, there is no doubt that this a real event of an album. This is a great album to dance, care, and rock to throughout any purely darkened night.

There is no doubt that the salty and easy going track “Solitare” is the perfect potential single. All the necessary criteria is filled. And it’s actually very good! The equally impressive “Lovely” is another fantastic track to be potentially heard in an auditorium like atmosphere. Maybe it’s the keyboards. Maybe it’s the carefully orchestrated carelessness put into each lyric. Whatever it is, it sure makes a great record.

The most awe-inspiring feature about We Landed On The Moon has to be that they are not designed around the idea of simply having one of the most beautiful women in indie rock with a simple back up band. This is a 5 piece outfit that would crumble with even one loss. They have designed themselves in a superior fashion, which has shown great results and accomplishment. And These Little Wars is a wonderful example of what can happen when a band of exquisitely talented individuals create a funny name, and develop ground breaking rock/pop music.

We Landed On The Moon: RE Your Letter [mp3]
[audio:090723_we_landed_on_the_moon_-_re_your_letter.mp3|titles=RE Your Letter|artists=We Landed On The Moon]

These Little Wars by We Landed On The Moon

[CD, 2009]

1. Solitaire
2. The Night Was Open
3. Vietcong
4. Washing For Weeks
5. Something New
6. Happy Accidents
7. Re: Your Letter
8. Notes On A Scandal
9. Mirror, Mirror
10. Come On Keep It Quiet
11. Golden Child

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