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Nameless Numbers

It’s instrumental. It’s experimental. And, unfortunately, it is no more.

I am, of course, talking about Nameless Numbers. I caught their first show at the Retro Fit Gallery (another has been) in Moscow, ID a mere three months after formation. The hypnotic keyboardist, the Garfunkel-haired guitar improvisation artist, the wacky but talented drummer, and the bass/banjo multi-instrumentalist have sadly parted ways. But with death comes birth. Grant (drums) has joined The Last Melting Man while the remaining trio are banding together for a new, currently unnamed project.

They leave behind an interesting legacy—one rarely found in small towns like Pullman, WA. This legacy: a blend of obscure independent musicianship virtually unheard of in a college town where 15 percent of the student population belongs to a Fraternity or Sorority. Such homogeny shuns the obscure and the distant from mainstream. Still, while this group existed within the wheat walls of the Palouse, things were brighter, life more fulfilling. Gone now are Scott Johnston’s echoing guitar screams and Grant’s flailing drums. Gone is Nate’s banjo and Matt’s hypnotic keys.

Left behind is a mere album made of pink construction paper and bingo cards and filled with noisy experimental post-rock bliss commemorating that September 21 show. The songs are rough, but a viable feat for a band in its infancy. And while it’s over, at least we can say it was fun while it lasted.

Photograph taken by Gregory Lancaster at the CUB Ballroom on October 23, 2005.

This review was originally published July 23, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

Nameless Numbers: Cherry Tree [mp3]
[audio:090621_nameless_numbers_-_cherry_tree.mp3|titles=Cherry Tree|artists=Nameless Numbers]

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