moped10 [Feature Band]


Wait for it… Wait for it… Now hit play. That bizarrely eclectic, awkwardly erratic sound you hear is moped10. And the result of their self-titled DIY release moped10: likely one of the top 5, if not top 3 DIY acts/albums of the year thus far. From the Chad VanGaalen-esque electro-tampering solo in opener “Not Free” to the pop frenzy with lyrical quips that reminisce of The B-52s in “A Walk In The Woods”, moped10 is a must hear. If you cannot already tell… I’m lovin’ this!

And there’s plenty to love. There are instrumental tracks: “The Misanthrope” and “Zapp!”. Some feature female vocals rather than male, which leads to one of the odder of relations: J+J+J. Other songs are just plain amazing: “All Grown Up”.

To call moped10 an album may be to discredit its brilliance and asymmetric beauty. Rather, it is a collection of meanderings, seemingly random, and unfathomably disconnected and connected all at once. This is the stuff wackos make with retro, duct-taped electronics in the basement of their mom’s house late at night with hot-pink headphones over greasy, unwashed hair, blaring into ready-to-bleed ears.

In my dream life, I am such an individual; one that would lock themselves in a room (were it ideal, it would have no doors nor windows and be as soundproof as they come). I would experiment and tinker on things. Electronics. Noise. Words. Clanging things into other things. You see, that’s what moped10 does: it draws you into the most absurd of fantasy worlds, pulled from the depths of subconscious. It forces you to dance awkwardly and privately to your hearts’ content. It, in a manner of speaking, is evil genius made audible.

moped10: A Walk In The Woods [mp3]
[audio:http://fensepost.com/main/audio/0906_moped10_-_a_walk_in_the_woods.mp3|titles=A Walk In The Woods|artists=moped10]

moped10: All Grown Up [mp3]
[audio:0906_moped10_-_all_grown_up.mp3|titles=All Grown Up|artists=moped10]

Screen Grab from the moped10 video for It Drips

[CD-R, 2009]

1. Not Free
2. A Walk In The Woods
3. I’m Running I’m Bleeding
4. No Purr
5. The Misanthrope
6. Pornamento
7. It Drips
8. My Head Exploded
9. All Grown Up
10. Zapp!

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