Jeremy Burk [Feature Artist]

Jeremy Burk

Seconds into Jeremy Burk‘s “The Clapping Song”, banjo riffs begin to reverse any or all bad spirits you may have had. And hand clapping, as expected, adds to the wonder and violent pleasure that will certainly suppress all ill feelings despite rather sad lyrics. And the contrast in Burk’s voice brings an even brighter light to such an amusement. This very entertaining new-wave folk singer holds the key to every door imaginable and gives entrance to the brave new world of a music and vocals euphoria.

But, it is not to be misconstrued that Burk is all sunshine and snow cones. That is only one aspect. A track like “City Jobs” brings out the more moody pluck and strum type pain release that shows its face more often than not on his debut album I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For; a constant expectancy is the extreme versatility of the banjo. The instrument has never been more respected in the indie world as it is through this wonderfully gifted musician.

I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For will be available June 26th from Seattle’s West Advocate Recording Company.

Jeremy Burk: Clapping Song [mp3]
[audio:090602_jeremy_burk_-_clapping_song.mp3|titles=Clapping Song|artists=Jeremy Burk]

Jeremy Burk: City Jobs [mp3]
[audio:090602_jeremy_burk_-_city_jobs.mp3|titles=City Jobs|artists=Jeremy Burk]

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