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No Go Know: Time Has Nothing To Do With It [Album pReview]

No Go Know

No Go Know’s sophomore release Time Has Nothing To Do With It epitomizes what every garage rocker and experimental noise consultant of this day and age have been tirelessly trying to create. Once again, they have proven that they can be as perfect as their pleasant imperfections will allow. And as rebellious to the fact these guys may be, they have created a two disc collection of tunes that are, shall we say, timeless.

With every faded transition, this album (due July 7th) has a strange sense of structured chaos and disorganized rhythm. Scott Taylor and company successfully combine elements from their hook heavy self-titled debut album and their space alienated follow up EP, Sleeping Is Winning, to create a blend of pure, ingenious dizzy rock that will compel any new listener to rush to their nearest bar to see these cats experiment for their very eyes.

No Go Know’s lyrics stay the previous course they’ve always been, following them throughout Time has Nothing To Do With It. But a new sense of togetherness as a group is entirely obvious. As a band, this prolific gathering of magnificent artist have created what will easily be seen as one of the best albums of the year. This is a brilliant example of what can happen when teamwork and talent collide in a cosmic like rampage to create an amazing regeneration of good ole fashion rock n roll.

Time Has Nothing To Do With It is scheduled to be released on July 7th.

No Go Know: My Black Dog [mp3]
[audio:090529_no_go_know_-_my_black_dog.mp3|titles=My Black Dog|artists=No Go Know]

No Go Know: Christmas Prayer [mp3]
[audio:090529_no_go_know_-_christmas_prayer.mp3|titles=Christmas Prayer|artists=No Go Know]

Time Has Nothing To Do With It by No Go Know

The Union Records [2xCD, 2009]

Disc 1
1. In Bleeding Kansas [Part 1]
2. My Black Dog
3. Thicket Of Thieves
4. Love Is War
5. Yours Is A Small, Still Voice
6. There Is No End To What We Need
7. Our Bodies Will Float
8. End Of A Stay
9. Go Clear [Part 1]

Disc 2
1. Go Clear [Part 2]
2. Christmas Prayer
3. Good God
4. Is It Getting Better?
5. Life Is Forever For Everyone
6. Some Say Others
7. I Know No Peak
8. No, We Won’t
9. In Bleeding Kansas [Part 2]

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