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Alexipharmic: American Beauty [Album Review]


Alexipharmic creates songs that seem to feel and breath a complete sense of impervious reality. You can drink his words like a fine scotch, or absorb them without discretion like a tall glass of PBR. His label debut American Beauty is the accumulative effort to reflect on the past years filled with oppression and unnecessary hatred. But this album also reflects upon the hope and promise this highly talented MC has always deemed not only possible to create a greater nation, but absolutely necessary.

Alexipharmic’s songs are consistently titled with one word. One word describes the theme of said songs. And it only takes one single noun for this cat to make his point. Each track is like an instructional manual to what we need to know to realize what we need to build to obtain a beautiful existence. Sun, sex, beauty, stardust, life, and American are the complex nouns you will learn about on this tremendous wordsmith’s American Beauty. (Yes, “American” is not actually a noun, but this guy turns it into one you can not deny.)

This dude writes songs for the people, about the people (garnering inspiration by a nation wide travel with tape recorder in hand, which can be heard on “American”). The folks breathing in the dust from the destruction of the skyscraper known as humanity. His lyrics are personally reflective, but speak for all those who feel neglected by some higher power. Which, these days, seems to feel like everybody. And American Beauty is a masterwork for expressing such causes of concern.

Alexipharmic: Stardust [mp3]

American Beauty by Alexipharmic

Elephant Memories [CD, 2009]

1. American
2. Colossus
3. Sun
4. Sex
5. Beauty
6. Stardust
7. Atefah
8. Innocence
9. Homecoming
10. Kings
11. I
12. Bend
13. Life
14. Elephants

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