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Mother Nature’s Son: Mother Nature’s Son [Album Review]

Mother Nature's Son

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the brand new conspiracy theory of underground rock n’ roll. Though not fact driven, and a very loose hypothesis at that, Mother Nature’s Son has created an album that will test your own ideas of what good indie rock really consists of with their self titled debut. This dynamic duo is the terrific group you hear playing in your neighbor’s garage on starry Thursday nights as you smoke your Camel straights and ponder humanity. They really make you feel good, and small.

For your quick and interpretive Dylan like successions, look no further than the likes of a track like “Seagull Won’t You Crash” or “I Should Have Known”. The guitar plucking is constant. The vocals are perfectly off key. All the aspects you could fathom for obscurity. But, the gain your full experience of Mother Nature’s Son, you must know “I Met A Clown”. This is the track that brings the drunken driver to the center line in a well equipped frenzy.

Mother Nature’s Son is a group that pulls directly upon the right puppet strings to be a great late night drive thru acoustic pop phenomenon. These guys play every day personally and responsibly on the challenging table of music whether it be piano solos or lyrics filled with crisp obscurities. They bring forth the wonderful musical dramedy anyone can enjoy.

Mother Nature’s Son: Seagull Won’t You Crash [mp3]
[audio:090521_mother_natures_son_-_seagull_wont_you_crash.mp3|titles=Seagull Won’t You Crash|artists=Mother Nature’s Son]

Mother Nature’s Son: I Met A Clown [mp3]
[audio:090521_mother_natures_son_-_i_met_a_clown.mp3|titles=I Met A Clown|artists=Mother Nature’s Son]

Mother Nature's Son, Self-Titled Album

[CD, 2009]

1. Here Comes A Cold, Cold Wind
2. Shake My Summer
3. It’s Hard To Find You
4. Patterns
5. Seagull Won’t You Crash
6. I Should Have Known
7. All I Knew
8. I Met A Clown
9. Under My Skin
10. Wizard Powers

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