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The Flying Change: Pain Is A Reliable Signal [Album Review]

The Flying Change

Think of your favorite “heart felt” movie and remember the music in contained. Whether is is a “running for a reason” scene, or a “someone thinks about the past” scene, The Flying Change will probably remind you of said film. Sam Jacobs’ wonderful moniker is an asthmatic friendly thrill ride in his album Pain Is A Reliable Signal.

Jacobs and his charismatic producer, Paul Brill, hoped to develop what they consider “landscape pop” on this refreshingly new album. And they score bigger than ever on the short and spunk filled “If You See Something, Say Something”. They do well in the catchy sense while still indulging in the latest indie hysteria of the weirder the wiser. The more lyrical intensive “Broken Bow” is more Iron & Wine-esque but with the same sort of positive yet obtuse angles The Flying Change is supposed to be about.

Somewhere between Sam Jacobs’ saddened personal affairs, and his personal and professional relationships with extraordinary talents (i.e. family friend Henry Taylor’s “The Flying Change”), he created a mind-scape of fine-tuned and pop-riddled indie rock. This is a man who is personal but relates to things most dwellers of madness can comprehend. It should not be misconstrued that Sam Jacobs knows of life at it’s very rotten core. And he wants to show you that….(see album title).

The Flying Change: If You See Something, Say Something [mp3]
[audio:090518_the_flying_change_-_if_you_see_something_say_something.mp3|titles=If You See Something Say Something|artists=The Flying Change]

The Flying Change: Dirty White Coats [mp3]
[audio:090518_the_flying_change_-_dirty_white_coats.mp3|titles=Dirty White Coats|artists=The Flying Change]

Pain Is A Reliable Signal by The Flying Change

Scarlet Shame Records [CD, 2009]

1. Broken Bow
2. The Mayo Clinic
3. Dirty White Coats
4. If You See Something, Say Something
5. The Ways That We Destroy Ourselves
6. Hold My Heartache
7. St. Mary’s
8. Don’t Look Away
9. Burning A Horse
10. The Northern Bay

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