Immaculate Machine: Sound The Alarms [Music Video]

Immaculate Machine

I could tell you the reason I’m writing about Immaculate Machine today is because their lead vocalist, Brooke Gallupe, has a cool mustache (I have a bizarre obsession with the things). That, however, would only be partly true. Ever the fan of a cool mustache, it was the first item that drew me to the band. The second, was the catchy melody in “Sound The Alarm”.

Initially, the song reminded me of a more accessible, less orchestrated (and less dramatic) version of Bodies of Water. “Sound The Alarm” is a unique take on the typical band video — showing plenty of cuts from the band performing in various locations — the theme is clearly art and it twists into a fitting and, errr, artistic stream of clips that fit well with the song.

Immaculate Machine recently released High On Jackson Hill on Mint Records.

Immaculate Machine: Sound The Alarms [mp3]
[audio:090507_immaculate_machine_-_sound_the_alarms.mp3|titles=Sound The Alarms|artists=Immaculate Machine]

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