Greater California [Feature Band]

Greater California, the band

We are all subject to influence from our surroundings; those things that we grew up on or fell in love with at a young age craft who we are more than we wish to believe, even if only in our subconscious. I’ve always been a fan of The Beach Boys and The Zombies, and at first listen, it appears Greater California was as well.

It’s not that they are mimicking those bands, their songs are simply reminiscent of that era’s style of pop music. The sound, then, isn’t entirely new. But what is these days? Songs like “Almost Sunshine” and title track “All The Colors” are relaxed and feature the melodic pop rampant decades ago, yet feel just as at home today.

Greater California: Almost Sunshine [mp3]
[audio:090429_greater_california_-_almost_sunshine.mp3|titles=Almost Sunshine|artists=Greater California]

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