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Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears: Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is [Album Review]

Black Joe Lewis

When it comes to good solid blues-filled rock n roll, the older is usually the better. And when such blues is lyrically constructed to fit the new age with the original spunk, it can make for a brilliant timepiece that celebrates latter day accomplishments. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears have always known this. And Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is, is as goodhearted and brutally honest as any old-schooler would have you know.

Black Joe Lewis is one of the funkiest cats to rock hard and spread the gospel of blues, heartache, and good times since Stevie Ray Vaughn first laid his shit down. Songs like “Sugarfoot” and “Get Yo Shit” will make you laugh and feel envious of this wonderful musician who seems to own the ability to describe life in the brights of lights. All so without sugarcoating anything. He tells it like it is. Which is a trait that should always be respectable these days.

Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is isn’t only Lewis and the Bears best work to date, it is sure to be on many folks top albums lists for 2009. The emulating intensity of times past by Mr. Lewis is too incredible to avoid and disregard. This is a rock n roller/blues cat who won’t have to work real hard to build a direct and vast fan base. His talents are undeniable.

Black Joe Lewis: Sugarfoot [mp3]
[audio:090423_black_joe_lewis_-_sugarfoot.mp3|titles=Sugarfoot|artists=Black Joe Lewis]

Tell 'em What Your Name Is by Black Joe Lewis

Lost Highway Records [CD, 2009]

1. Gunpowder
2. Sugarfoot
3. I’m Broke
4. Big Booty Woman
5. Boogie
6. Master Sold My Baby
7. Get Yo Shit
8. Humpin
9. Bobby Booshay
10. Please Pt Two

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