Golden Bear [Feature Band]

Golden Bear

The infamous blend of pop and rock can often be a burden. Packed with generic artists, the mash-up of genres can be more a hindrance than anything else. Especially in the world of the independent. However, Golden Bear transcends the curse of the mundane and they do it in style.

Everest, their recent EP, is filled with emotion — but it’s an upbeat, positive type of emotion, filled with hope and desire. It’s not unhappy or depressed; if anything, it’s too positive and too upbeat. But as the sun replaces overcast, rainy days here in Washington, songs like “Miracle Mile” and “All The Stars” just seem to fit… perfectly.

Golden Bear: All The Stars [mp3]
[audio:090420_golden_bear_-_all_the_stars.mp3|titles=All The Stars|artists=Golden Bear]

Golden Bear: Night Lights [mp3]
[audio:090420_golden_bear_night_lights.mp3|titles=Night Lights|artists=Golden Bear]

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