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Slim Twig

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of Slim Twig. First, there’s the name; it evokes imagery of a ghastly, gangly fellow, which Slim certainly is. Then there’s the music. It’s bizarre and it’s strange. But after two minutes, it starts becoming… really, really good.

“Young Hussies” is a title that’s not very striking, one likely to cause strife with those leaning feminist. But as a tune, it’s easy to get drawn in if you can muster through the obscurity of experimentation. It’s obvious that Slim Twig is a pop artist. And, at least here, that he heavily favors samples and found sounds as opposed to physical, standard instruments. Even his vocals err toward the experimenal; the lyrics are spurted out in various tones and melodies, but they’re done in a fashion that puts them on the edge of spoken word.

Having only heard “Young Hussies” I really have no basis of judgement as to Slim Twig’s small but growing library of material. There are a few known facts. For example, he originated on the scene last year with dual EPs, one of which (so say reviews) leaned toward folk and one toward rockabilly. Both elements can be heard here, along with a very classic sound. But above it all is the warped vision of a mad genius.

“Young Hussies” can be found on the upcoming Contempt!, out June 9.

Slim Twig: Young Hussies [mp3]
[audio:090413_slim_twig_-_young_hussies.mp3|titles=Young Hussies|artists=Slim Twig]

Contempt! by Slim Twig

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