Le Sport: It’s Not The End Of The World [Music Video]

Le Sport

It has been virtually impossible to track down albums by the Swedish duo that is Le Sport. That is, it’s been impossible to find their albums at a U.S. based brick-and-mortar retail location. And it’s not without trying. I have been searching since moving to the Portland/Seattle areas mid-August. Then again, I’ve come to expect little from the new sections of record stores lately.

Le Sport’s music is filled with hints of 80s groups like Pet Shop Boys; “It’s Not The End Of The World” is pop packed with electronic beats amidst melancholy vocals. Rather than being set on the dance floor as is the case of “Tell No One About Tonight” by Le Sport, this video is staged in a small business jet. The sad lyrics are visually represented by imagery of a doomed flight. It’s a catchy song and the video is also more creative in terms of both cinematic and thematic elements.

“It’s Not The End Of The World” is the title track of an EP Le Sport released through Swedish electro-pop label Songs I Wish I Had Written. While it is no longer available, Le Sport does have a few other goodies for sale.

This review was originally published October 11, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

Le Sport: It’s Not The End Of The World [mp3]
[audio:090412_le_sport_-_its_not_the_end_of_the_world.mp3|titles=It’s Not The End Of The World|artists=Le Sport]

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