Motorik [Show Preview]


Everything I’ve been reading says the same thing: Motorik takes their name from a style of Krautrock. More specifically, the 4/4 Kraut beat. But the band doesn’t necessarily follow the genre; they’re full-on post-punk with a female front and punchy bassline. But damn! It’s hard to ignore the deep female vocals, sounding an awful lot like Katie Sketch of The Organ.

I’ve been listening to Klang! for a while now and though the vocals remind me of Sketch, that’s all they have in common with The Organ. For one, Motorik is a trio and only the vocalist has no Y chromosome. Songs like “Or So I Thought” and “It’s Just Sugar” are sure to turn heads, while “Box Of Knives” finds the group at its pinnacle. Despite the post-punk influential origins, several songs are slow and, perhaps, even err on the minimal side of things.

Motorik will drop their debut LP, Klang!, on April 28. But for those who can’t wait, you can catch them live here in Seattle on the 16th at the Funhouse. Mark your calendar: this is one you won’t want to miss!

Motorik: Or So I Thought [mp3]
[audio:090409_motorik_-_or_so_i_thought.mp3|titles=Or So I Thought|artists=Motorik]

Motorik: Box Of Knives [mp3]
[audio:090409_motorik_-_box_of_knives.mp3|titles=Box Of Knives|artists=Motorik]

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