Eulogies: Here Anonymous [Album pReview]


There is an obvious sense of natural progression that can be heard on any given Eulogies track. They are a refreshing objection to the stagnant reality of rock ‘n roll. The haunting yet calming sound Peter Walker’s majestic voice is easily up to par with any lead singer already well appreciated in the music community. And with extensive touring, and the release of their latest album Here Anonymous (due April 7th), these realities are sure to shine a light for Walker and company.

It seriously appears as though this four man crew work as hard as possible to create very heart felt tunes. “The Fight (I’ve Come To Like)” is as catchy as it is a great example of said progression of naturalization. “This Fine Progression” (seems to be a theme, maybe?) is more sappy melodrama may believe you have already heard somewhere, somehow. But, there is no replication of anything beyond their own dreams and ventures into the study of life’s usual caricature of itself.

For fans of artists of life and earth, it doesn’t get much better than these guys. For folks only looking for conveniently place euphoniums with no real sense of being, don’t bother. Eulogies will soon prove themselves to be a staple among artists in this era of discontent.

Eulogies: Bad Connection (Homespun Session) [mp3]
[audio:090402_eulogies_-_bad_connection_homespun.mp3|titles=Bad Connection (Homespun Session)|artists=Eulogies]

Eulogies: This Fine Progression (Homespun Session) [mp3]
[audio:090402_eulogies_-_this_fine_progression_homespun.mp3|titles=This Fine Progression|artists=Eulogies]

Here Anonymous by Eulogies

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