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Soul Distraction: Ticket To Paradise [Album Review]

Soul Distraction

Soul Distraction is one of those groups you rarely see in this current frame of being. There is no dilemma of rationalization in listening to their music. There is no discredit in yearning to know this very powerful and talented group of musicians. And their sophomore release Ticket To Paradise is another chapter in the ever growing and spectacular being are these profound characters of modern rock n roll.

There is too much evidence in Ticket To Paradise to believe that Elsa Faith and company have not taken a yearning to creating perfectly impacting tracks with a touch of pop influence. “Raining In Paradise” is so catchy and perfectly proportionate to the disconcerting realities of rock n roll. Elsa’s wonderful vocals are at their best on this star track. Vocal capacities are displayed gravely on “Not Gonna Sing About You Anymore” as well. Think of K.T. Tunstall meets Aerosmith on this radio friendly cut. Soul Distraction’s beginnings feel remastered on the more art school friendly “Struggle” (a full band version from their previous acoustic album, Bare Bones).

This is an album that can create instant Distraction mania. Even as a spring release, this is easily one of the best albums of the year. Books, not music reviews, would be required to truly receive and comprehend the beauty of this record before actually hearing it’s genius. There hasn’t been a hard rock/alternative album of it’s caliber in many years. This is a group that sustains all the criteria to be a substantial act in the history of rock n roll.

Soul Distraction: Raining In Paradise [mp3]
[audio:090401_soul_distraction_-_raining_in_paradise.mp3|titles=Raining In Paradise|artists=Soul Distraction]

Soul Distraction: Struggle [mp3]
[audio:090401_soul_distraction_-_struggle.mp3|titles=Struggle|artists=Soul Distraction]

Ticket To Paradise by Soul Distraction

[CD, 2009]

01. Struggle
02. Not Gonna Sing About You Anymore
03. Too Late
04. Down
05. Raining In Paradise
06. Emily
07. It Can All Work Out
08. Just Don’t Remember
09. Victory
10. Wake Me When It’s Over
11. Ticket To America

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