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LittleBear: Army Of Trees [Album Review]


The cover art for Army Of Trees by LittleBear naturally features a forest, as does the image of Nick Principe, LittleBear’s sole member, shown above. Likewise, the music sounds like nature overproduced, but not in a bad way. The vocals are clear and the instrumentation a windy memory; dream-like. Army Of Trees is a warm and soothing mix songs that are pleasant and a little unexpected.

Take, for example, opener “The Beaverkill”, which kicks off with a relaxing near shoe-gaze drone of guitar notes which builds as a second strummed guitar enters, and as it builds clear vocals enter ever so smoothly. Then the percussion enters and it throws you through a loop; heavy on the toms and a tambourine symbol. “A Song For The Jungle” has a similar effect; vocals too natural for independent music backed by a stunning display of mellow indie-folk.

Army Of Trees is a solid debut to a recently re-planted and soon to bloom artist – literally, as Principe just relocated to the Portland area. The EP is available for gratis download from LittleBear’s MySpace page.

LittleBear: The Beaverkill [mp3]
[audio:090318_littlebear_-_the_beaverkill.mp3|titles=The Beaverkill|artists=LittleBear]

LittleBear: A Song For The Jungle [mp3]
[audio:090318_littlebear_-_a_song_for_the_jungle.mp3|titles=A Song For The Jungle|artists=LittleBear]

Army Of Trees by LittleBear

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. The Beaverkill
2. Down The Waterfall
3. A Song For The Jungle
4. Smaller Trees

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