Jean On Jean: Tonight [Video]

Jean On Jean

It hasn’t been all that long since reviewing Jean On Jean‘s self-titled release. Despite a mass of great songs, there was still a clear winner: “Tonight”. The ex-Out Hud cellist now has a video for the single; it’s fitting, filled with leaves and colors masterfully added to compliment her sometimes folky style of soft, soothing pop.

The great thing about independent music is this: the videos don’t tend to be your general run-of-the-mill, over produced and underthought crapshoot. This is a perfect example. It’s artsy, but not overly so. It’s creative – the use of color and clever cinematography demonstrates that. And it’s got pizazz. It also has three parts…

1. The intro filled with the aforementioned leaves and colors.
2. The beach, where Molly dances around and plays with sheets blowing in the wind.
3. The conclusion, featuring Molly and sparklers.

Director Elizabeth Seklir-Pugh is an artist creating a unique piece to accompany the work of another artist, Molly Schnick. What more could you want in a music video? I’ve got the answer: nothing.

Jean On Jean: Tonight [mp3]
[audio:|titles=Tonight|artists=Jean On Jean]

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