Eux Autres: Another Christmas At Home [Video]

Eux Autres

Written by Fense

Today’s feature video is a Christmas tune by my favorite French pop band from the US, Eux Autres (MySpace). It’s a lovable little pop tune that emphasizes the good Christmas brings out in people (at least some of it); whether you believe in celebrating it or not, it’s an enjoyable time to be with family that loves you and friends that care. Wishes are made and merry times are had. There’s always a little drama, but in the end you remember the good times (the lyrics may fade but the upbeat pop remains).

In true Eux Autres form, “Another Christmas At Home” features what appears to be stop-motion video, or at least a graphically manipulated and digitized cartoon, created by member Nicholas Larimer. That animation was also featured in “Anne Boleyn”. While “Another Christmas At Home” isn’t available for free download, I have included gratis tracks from their last two albums.

“Another Christmas At Home” is the title track off Eux Autres’ Christmas single. While all physical pressings of the single are out of print, this song and many more are available from any digital retailer. I’ll even make it easy for you: it’s $0.89 on Amazon.

Eux Autres: When I’m Up [mp3]
[audio:0820_eux_autres_-_when_im_up.mp3|titles=When I’m Up|artists=Eux Autres]

Eux Autres: Ecountez Bien [mp3]
[audio:1209_eux_autres_-_ecountez_bien.mp3|titles=Ecountez Bien|artists=Eux Autres]

Eux Autres – “Another Christmas At Home” from Nicholas Larimer on Vimeo.

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