Nick Butcher [Feature Band]

Nick Butcher

Written by Fense

Nick Butcher is youthful but balding; he’s thin with a very natural, normal look. One would hardly expect him to be the mastermind of a minimalist-experimental-electronic outfit. But he is. That his appearance is more fitting for a talegate party than this just goes to show that looks can be deceiving.

While some of Butcher’s material is more discernible with beats and various noises and rhythm, “Shape Note Singing” is merely that, minus the singing. There’s a definite shape to what’s going on and the note is equally (or at least nearly) as singular.

This year Hometapes released Nick Butcher’s latest, Bee Removal, a seven-song twelve-inch on white vinyl that surely looks pristine.

Nick Butcher: Shape Note Singing [mp3]
[audio:1202_nick_butcher_-_shape_note_singing.mp3|titles=Shape Note Singing|artists=Nick Butcher]

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