The Lemurs [Feature Band]

The Lemurs

Written by Fense

It’s been almost a month since The Lemurs (MySpace) dropped Million Little Bits on us via Thirty Tigers, and it’s already gaining much traction across the country. But that’s no real surprise; The Lemurs’ music is of a very accessible note — it’s catchy, filled with various hooks and packed with riffs that easily get stuck in your head.

With gaining notoriety, it may come as a shock — this band has yet to deliver to its listeners a full length album. Their debut was an EP that hit back in ’06, and once again they’ve given us only a taste — a mere tease — with only five songs. But these five songs boast just over twenty minutes of rock-your-face pop, even going so far as including electronic vocals in the super dance-y “Waiting Outside”.

Oh, and the EP features several contributions by notables such as Michael Kincaid (of Barsuk’s What Made Milwaukee Famous), and Christine Aprile and Cari Palazzo (of Austin’s dynamic synth-pop dream group Belaire). I wouldn’t be surprised if their next release tips them over the top, splashing The Lemurs name across billboards and blowing them up to a near household name. Why? It’s accessible. It’s catchy. And boy is it good!

The Lemurs: Blackspot [mp3]
[audio:1113_the_lemurs_-_blackspot.mp3|titles=Blackspot|artists=The Lemurs]

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