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AristeiA: How To Kill A King [Album Review]


The music AristeiA (MySpace) creates is surreal. In a live setting, the sound is deafening. It has the ability to surround one so completely, one can slip into a trance. On record, the effect is similar, but best experienced through large headphones. How To Kill A King is the latest from AristeiA, and features a new percussionist.

How To Kill A King is a fitting name for this six song EP. Instrumental post-rock often has a medieval feel to it, dark and mysterious. And AristeiA fulfills this statement — from opening track “The Might Of The Sword” to closer “The Might Of The Dragon”. The first track is a slight departure from AristeiA’s previously released work, featuring a digitally manipulated style of percussion that makes the song epic. However, this feature does not appear again.

Another standout is “Stairway To Heaven 2: Stampede Into Heaven”, a song that begins soft and slow, and gradually builds in momentum and volume, into a song of monumental proportion. The song transitions flawlessly into “I’ll Take Mine Black”, a song that is reminiscent of that first cup of coffee in the morning — you’re relaxed from a good night’s sleep and, although slightly drowsy, the warm sun is calming.

You see, that’s one of AristeiA’s greatest abilities; each song paints a picture, and for each person that picture is different. One may be of something pleasant, like the image I described above, while another may be dark and macabre. Either way, in my opinion it’s genius.

AristeiA: Feedback King [mp3]
[audio:1110_aristeia_-_feedback_king.mp3|titles=Feedback King|artists=AristeiA]

How To Kill A King by AristeiA

[CDEP, 2008]

1. The Might Of The Sword
2. Feedback King
3. Stairway To Heaven 2: Stampede Into heaven
4. I’ll Take Mine Black
5. Panda Vs. Satan
6. The Might Of The Dragon

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