Light Pollution [Feature Band]

Light Pollution

Anytime you inject rock music with orchestration, especially when it “rock” is often synonymous for “pop”, the term anthemic comes to mind. That’s what you get with Light Pollution (MySpace) — anthem-like rock music with hints of Arcade Fire’s instrumentation. When it comes to this group’s vocals, however, I’d say they sound a bit more like Feral Children (minus the Modest Mouse reference).

There are two songs, included below, available for public consumption off the group’s self-titled, debut EP. One is “Firewood”, a short but fun rock romp, and the other is “Each Bone In Your Back”, a song lovely and plush with AF references. This is a band to keep an eye on — when they finally get around to putting out an LP, I’m sure it will be great.

(Oh yeah, that LP is slated for, as far as I can tell, self-release early in ’09…)

Light Pollution: Each Bone In My Back [mp3]
[audio:1106_light_pollution_-_each_bone_in_my_back.mp3|titles=Each Bone In My Back|artists=Light Pollution]

Light Pollution: Firewood [mp3]
[audio:1106_light_pollution_-_firewood.mp3|titles=Firewood|artists=Light Pollution]

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