Mark Mathis [Feature Band]

Mark Mathis

Written by Fense

Mark Mathis is definitely a folk artist, as represented in the twangy (what sounds like a) mouth harp in We Both Was Young opener “Sharecropper Takes A Colored Wife” and dual banjos in “Prenup”.

From a grammatical and thematic standpoint, this also rings true—there’s a very back-country feel to every song Mathis touches. But there’s also a soulful element that touches Mathis’ vocal parts, and a country sound in the slide guitar that pops up here and there.

His voice is low and emotional—you can’t help but feel moved when he croons Well I hope that you find / Love in the afterlife from “Love In The Afterlife”. It makes him appear a poet, romantic, and just a bit hopelessly so.

We Both Was Young is out now on Freshwater Records.

Mark Mathis: Love In The Afterlife [mp3]
[audio:1021_mark_mathis_-_love_in_the_afterlife.mp3|titles=Love In The Afterlife|artists=Mark Mathis]

Mark Mathis: Oh King [mp3]
[audio:1021_mark_mathis_-_oh_king.mp3|titles=Oh King|artists=Mark Mathis]

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