The Legends [Feature Band]

The Legends by Henrik Mårtensson

Written by Fense

One of my earliest forays into Swedish pop, which has come to dominate my musical obsession over the past few years, was my introduction to The Legends. The band consists of Johan Angergård, a key mastermind behind Acid House Kings and Club 8. Each new album by The Legends takes the band in a slightly new direction; with each release, the listener is treated to something completely new.

So it has been in the past and so it is again. Announced today, “Seconds Away” is the group’s new single from The Legends’ upcoming fourth LP (at least, in speculation), and the title track of a soon-to-be-released EP. In comparison to 2006’s Facts And Figures, the key elemental change can be found in the guitars, which instead represent a sound on par with their debut release, Up Against The Legends (2004).

Distortion runs rampant, but in guitars only. And while the distortion is even heavier than their debut, the song also shares something else with Up Against The Legends… it is super short at just under two minutes. But the vocals remain reverb heavy, as found on Facts And Figures. Labrador Records will release Seconds Away on November 4.

The Legends: Seconds Away [mp3]
[audio:1001_the_legends_-_seconds_away.mp3|titles=Seconds Away|artists=The Legends]

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