Britta Persson: Winter Tour [Video]

Britta Persson

Written by Fense

I love this video! If you’re familiar with Swedish pop, you’ll recognize the folks sitting across from Persson as the video begins—it’s the Suburban Kids With Biblical Names duo! Britta Persson (MySpace) is a Swedish songwriter who crafts lovely, romantic tunes.

“Winter Tour” is a bit softer than some of her other songs; it is pretty limited to Persson and a guitar with some minimal drums and an occasional piano. Here she plays the role of a psychologist—who wouldn’t let her psychoanalyze you?

While many songs, like “Winter Tour” and “Defrag My Heart” hit the folk-pop nerve, others, like “You Are Not My Boyfriend”, are a bit more edgy. Here you’ll hear poppy percussion in the vein of Lykke Li (but Persson’s songwriting isn’t nearly as… well… blatantly sexual).

In relation to Li, Persson is also quite a bit hipper—though not as hip hop. She’s geeky in the hot way—not librarian, but computer nerd. Computer nerds around the world will fall in love as she croons: What I need / Is a program / That will defrag my heart.

Britta Persson: Winter Tour [mp3]
[audio:0930_britta_persson_-_winter_tour.mp3|titles=Winter Tour|artists=Britta Persson]

Britta Persson: Defrag My Heart [mp3]
[audio:0930_britta_persson_-_defrag_my_heart.mp3|titles=Defrag My Heart|artists=Britta Persson]

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