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Woods, sometimes stylized in all caps, is a psychedelic folk band. Formed in 2005 by Jeremy Earl, founder of the indie label Woodsist, which releases the vast majority of the band’s work.

In addition to Earl, as of 2023, Woods consists of Jarvis Taveniere, Aaron Neveu, Chuck Van Dyck, and Kyle Forester. Of note, solo artist Kevin Morby was bassist in the band up until 2013.

The band has 11 albums to their name as of 2023, though they truly came onto my (Andy Fenstermaker) radar in about 2013 when I discovered Bend Beyond.

Below you’ll find a variety of posts featuring the band, from album reviews to lists that they can be found on.


FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

It’s been a few months since I threw together a podcast, so I figured it was about time for another one. Besides, I’ve been working diligently on a mix-tape for a new local pal, Brett Sandström, whom I met after purchasing a Tullycraft single on eBay – he being the seller, both of us being astonished to find other Tullycraft fans in Skagit County. What began as a modern tribute to light garage pop ultimately changed direction to hint at songs that fit a sweltering, hot summer day.

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Oops: 10 Bands I Should Have Checked Out in 2009

You know that old saying about blinking — like, don’t blink or you’ll miss it, or time goes by in the blink of an eye or some cliche crap like that? Well, shocker: It’s true. Things move fast and now as I quickly encroach upon three decades of personal existence (mere months away at this time), it seems ever more prevalent a concept.

So I decided to take a brief look back at a few bands I should have checked out last year but didn’t for some reason or another; most likely because of a lack of time.

Here are 10 bands and albums I should have checked out in 2009… a few of which would have made my top 50 of 2009.

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