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PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition


Yesterday we covered a new track from Portland folk outfit Death Songs called “Wounds” off the new PDX Pop Now! compilation. We talked a little bit about the band and the song, and had a few words to say about the organization as well. That wasn’t enough; it’s high time I let slip a little something — we here at FensePost have been quiet supporters of the Portland festival. Read More »PDX Pop Now! 2011 Edition

Weinland: Breaks In The Sun [Album Review]


La Lamentor found John Adam Weinland Shearer splitting his influential loyalties between two masters, Iron & Wine and Neil Young. Not influences to scoff at, no indeed. But on his follow up to that album, Weinland bursts forth as his own in Breaks In The Sun. He has tried a few things, come of age, and discovered that he can carry himself above and beyond his earlier influences. Read More »Weinland: Breaks In The Sun [Album Review]

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