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N8’s Top Albums of 2011

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I love it when N8 submits his year-end lists. They are unpretentious, span a vast repertoire of genres, and typically include several albums I have yet to hear. N8’s 2011 list fits the mold: in fact, I have yet to listen to any of the ones that made the list this year. Now this is not by lack of want or know — I’m familiar with many of the albums, just haven’t gotten around to them. Dig in and enjoy!Read More »N8’s Top Albums of 2011


Oops: 10 Bands I Should Have Checked Out in 2009

You know that old saying about blinking — like, don’t blink or you’ll miss it, or time goes by in the blink of an eye or some cliche crap like that? Well, shocker: It’s true. Things move fast and now as I quickly encroach upon three decades of personal existence (mere months away at this time), it seems ever more prevalent a concept.

So I decided to take a brief look back at a few bands I should have checked out last year but didn’t for some reason or another; most likely because of a lack of time.

Here are 10 bands and albums I should have checked out in 2009… a few of which would have made my top 50 of 2009.

Read More »Oops: 10 Bands I Should Have Checked Out in 2009

13 Bands You Should See At Sasquatch 2010


The 2010 Sasquatch Festival line-up was announced last week and after perusing the list a few times, I started to hone in on who the hot bands will (or, better yet, should) be. Now, festivals for me are all about camping out at a stage for several bands before moving on to another, but I figured I’d throw that trend to the wind for this post. My second disclaimer; before you point out that I’m recommending the small folk, understand that I also tend to shun the big guns — those artists it seems like EVERYONE will be seeing. Read More »13 Bands You Should See At Sasquatch 2010

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