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Blonde Redhead Slogan 7-Inch Single

Blonde Redhead | Slogan b/w Limited Conversation | 7″ Single Review

If you’ve been following my music blog FensePost or my YouTube channel for any given length of time, you may have heard me call out Blonde Redhead as being among my favorite bands. Today I’m going to take a look at their 7-inch single for “Slogan” backed with “Limited Conversation” on Touch And Go Records.

Read More »Blonde Redhead | Slogan b/w Limited Conversation | 7″ Single Review

Crystal Antlers: Tentacles [Album Review]

Crystal Antlers

There are moments on Tentacles where Crystal Anters lose their chaotic experimental flare so rampant on their debut, self-titled EP from last year. It was a trait that earned them much awareness in tunes like “A Thousand Eyes” and, my personal favorite, “Parting Song For The Torn Sky”. The good news is that Tentacles succeeds in achieving a similarly high status. Songs like “Andrew” are instantly recognizable as cutting edge and, as opposed to the EP, even dabble in psychedelia. Read More »Crystal Antlers: Tentacles [Album Review]

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