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Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]


With such a nostalgia-inspiring title for Lali Puna‘s first single off her upcoming LP – the group’s first in over five years – one can’t help but reminisce on the past. I recall picking up 2004’s Faking The Books around the time of its release; I quickly became obsessed with “Micronimic”, the title track and “B-Movie”. These songs, along with selections from Neon Golden by The Notwist, came to define my music obsessions of 2004. I can see “Remember” launching Our Inventions beyond Lali Puna’s past albums, much in the way Neon Golden did for The Notwist. Read More »Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]

A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2002

The third installment of A Retrospective, this time the focus is on 2002. The year of rebuilding, so to speak. It was the year I discovered Cider Jack (and did so plentifully) at the local Pullman bar Rico’s, and we all would rehearse Bill Brasky skits (from the SNL spots, and made up on the spot) as twenty feet away the university jazz combo performed excellent renditions of Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and various Motown favorites. As we see every year, 2002 saw several real great releases. Here are my favorites.

Read More »A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2002

The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

The Notwist

Written by Jon Hegglund

The first time I listened to The Devil, You & Me, I put it on the iTunes and walked away from the computer to do some chores around the house. At one point, after I thought the album had played in its entirety, a muted, pretty acoustic guitar came floating out over the computer speakers. I thought, initially, that it was the opening to Nick Drake’s lovelorn folk ballad, “Northern Sky.” Before my confusion could be cleared up—wait, “Ni” should come before “No,” right?—Markus Acher’s quiet, melancholy voice dropped in and I realized that, yes, this was still The Notwist, with “Gone Gone Gone,” their brief and beautiful coda to the album. Read More »The Notwist: The Devil, You & Me [Album Review]

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