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Virgin Islands: No Doctor [mp3]

April Brimer

In the fall of 2009, Seattle punk band Virgin Islands gave us their debut EP after only a short time of existence. That EP, despite only containing four tracks, demonstrated the type of skill and songwriting prowess one could expect from a seasoned band with years under their belt. So it’s with great anticipation that we receive “No Doctor”, a track off Virgin Islands’ new album Ernie Chambers Vs. God. Read More »Virgin Islands: No Doctor [mp3]

Figurines: Hanging From Above [Video]


To be honest, I haven’t spent much time with Figurines’ previous work. Though I’ve been told a few times I would really enjoy it. So when I saw a note in my inbox that they’ve got a new one on the way and that this here video had been released, I figured it was time I dig in and check them out. And whoever told me I would enjoy this band was spot on — “Hanging From Above” is a phenomenal song! Read More »Figurines: Hanging From Above [Video]

People Eating People: All The Hospitals [Track]


Here’s a name we (or, at least, I) haven’t heard in a while: Nouela Johnston. The former front-woman of Mon Frere gives us her self-titled solo debut under the moniker People Eating People this week and it includes the joyous pop romp “All The Hospitals”. The track finds People Eating People dishing out precocious percussion, hints of bouncy jazz piano, and vocals slightly reminiscent of something between Regina Spektor, and… err… a better version Regina Spektor. And yeah, there’s probably hints of Annie Clark (St. Vincent) in there as well; after all Clark is known for throwing in elements of jazz, and “All The Hospitals” definitely has that. It’s entirely upbeat, something you wouldn’t expect from a song whose lyrics include All the hospitals are closed tonight, but it works and does so quite well. Read More »People Eating People: All The Hospitals [Track]

El Perro Del Mar: Change Of Heart [Video]

El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar‘s video for “Change Of Heart” is an easy contender for video of the year, and it takes only a few seconds to come to that conclusion. Filmed in a single take, the video features two men who look to be contenders for Rocky Horror Picture Show 2010: Rocky Cloned. The acrobatics they perform are pretty astounding, and would be so whether they were scantily clad and covered in gold paint or not. Read More »El Perro Del Mar: Change Of Heart [Video]

El Perro Del Mar: Change Of Heart [Track Review]

El Perro Del Mar

Sarah Assbring’s albums under the guise El Perro Del Mar have always been pretty great, from the repetitive one-word-titled tracks off her self-titled LP to the slightly more orchestrated ones off From The Valley To The Stars. But, they often seemed almost too minimal. Well El Perro Del Mar is back with a new LP, Love Is Not Pop, and the first single off it is “Change Of Heart”, a song that defies Assbring’s minimal days and orchestrated days combined for something a bit more electric. Read More »El Perro Del Mar: Change Of Heart [Track Review]

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