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The Beach Boys Pet Sounds Vinyl Cover

The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds: The Album That Changed My Life

We all have albums that had a huge impact on us growing up. Today I want to share a story about one of mine. For that, we need to go back 14 years before I was born. In the spring of 1966, May 16 to be exact, The Beach Boys released an iconic album: Pet Sounds. The album would become a cornerstone of the band’s legacy. And its impact would resonate through generations.

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Kishi Bashi Christmas Flexi Disc

Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

Each year I shun Christmas music like it’s the plague. It begins too early, is far too repetitive, and, quite frankly, is a bit boring. That is, until this year. It began with “The Week Between”, a new track off One Christmas at a Time, an LP that finds Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick (The Long Winters) collaborating for a full album of original Christmas music.

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N8’s Top Albums of 2011

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n8 in 2011

I love it when N8 submits his year-end lists. They are unpretentious, span a vast repertoire of genres, and typically include several albums I have yet to hear. N8’s 2011 list fits the mold: in fact, I have yet to listen to any of the ones that made the list this year. Now this is not by lack of want or know — I’m familiar with many of the albums, just haven’t gotten around to them. Dig in and enjoy!Read More »N8’s Top Albums of 2011

beach boys and satan

The Beach Boys And The Satan [Film Review]

In the song they slapped onto the Garden State soundtrack, Coldplay sung We live in a beautiful world repeatedly. But really, do we? Everything around us is subjective — science tells us that, when even the most noteworthy, respected theories, like the theory of gravity, remain just that… theories. Ethics are subjective — I was recently reading about the killing of a homosexual as not being a hate crime; something I find absolutely ridiculous. When some sound-minded person responded Why can’t we just accept people for who they are, another with contradictory views responded Sure, why don’t we just accept murderers because that’s what they do, and they went on to list a few other undesirables.

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