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The Balloon Farm Vinyl

The Balloon Farm was a short-lived garage rock band active in the late 1960s. Known for their lone top 40 hit “A Question of Temperature” from February 1968 (though the song was released in 1967), the band released a handful of singles before fading into obscurity.

Even today, “A Question of Temperature” seems both odd and groundbreaking for a top 40, let alone to have achieved in in the late 60s!

Fronted by Mike Appel, The Balloon Farm took its name from a New York City nightclub. Despite technically having just two singles to their name, both released on Laurie Records, the band’s hit has become somewhat of a garage-psych classic.

“A Question of Temperature” has found its way onto several compilations covering the early garage rock, underground music from the 1960s, and early psychedelic rock. Of note are the Nuggets compilations and Acid Dreams.

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The Balloon Farm Hurry Up Sundown Vinyl

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Just shy of a decade ago, I went through a pretty big garage rock phase. During this time, I collected quite a few singles from the original garage rock era of the 1960s and early 70s. One song that stood out to me during my exploration of this time was by a band called The Balloon Farm — it was, of course, their lone hit.

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