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The Album Leaf: Falling From The Sun [mp3]


It’s been a few years since we last heard from The Album Leaf, but they’re back. “Falling From The Sun” renews the band’s focus on vocals. Looking back at In A Safe Place and Into The Blue Again, those albums emphasized The Album Leaf’s ability to create a dreamy, atmospheric tune. “Falling From The Sky” lapses into those areas, but the true emphasis is on lyrics and vocals, and that in itself is a substantial change. Read More »The Album Leaf: Falling From The Sun [mp3]

A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2004


What a decade it’s been. 2004 was my first year in the so-called Real World; jobs, car payments, instability everywhere. Things weren’t all happy and seemingly upbeat like the mid 90s. After eight months in Seattle, I found myself unemployed and decided it was time for more education. I moved to the greater Portland area and began prep to enter a Masters in Business Administration program, taking night classes at WSU Vancouver and making a frequent trip out to Pullman, where I’d soon attend graduate school. The overall instability and open-your-eyes wake-up calls of 2004 seemed to extend beyond me. Two of the most honest and disturbing albums I’ve ever heard were released this year – another strong one in music overall.

Read More »A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2004
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