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Post Rock Radio Night on KSVR

Post Rock Night on KSVR

Post Rock Radio Night on KSVR

A few weeks ago, I decided to do a post-rock night on KSVR, deviating from my typical Friday playlist of current garage-pop and psych-pop. I have a hankering like this every so often: tonight’s show, in fact, I have dubbed as “Out West” and it’ll feature predominantly countrified indie folk-rock. What ensued was a set of only ten songs, played over two hours on air — a show that was likely the first ever of its sort in the Skagit Valley. Read More »Post Rock Night on KSVR

FensePost Podcast #5: Soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse


About six months ago, I became completely obsessed with zombies films, mostly due to the brilliance behind Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead books and the airing of the series on AMC. As Season 1 comes out on DVD and BluRay today, I figured the time was right to post this. So I buckled down and finished my zombie soundtrack podcast, filled with songs I felt perfect for a zombie film. Be assured: this will not be your typical zombie mix. Read More »FensePost Podcast #5: Soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse

Post Rock Radio Night on KSVR

A Retrospective Top 25: Best Albums of 2005

2005 opened my eyes to a world of new music. I joined the crew at KZUU over the summer, my first summer back in Pullman working toward my Masters in Business. I’d spend my two-hour show pouring over thousands of obscure albums, looking for anything that might spark my interest. While music had always been a borderline obsession, until now it was just that – borderline. In the days that passed, it became a full-fledged consumption of everything me. There are turning points in all of our lives, and DJing at KZUU was absolutely one of mine.

Read More »A Retrospective Top 25: Best Albums of 2005

Oneida: Preteen Weaponry [Album Review]

Oneida by Matthew Spencer

Written by Fense

Reading the history of the three-parts that make up the song and album Preteen Weaponry, it’s interesting to note that Oneida (MySpace) has been working on this for the past three years. Yet what can be heard on the album, simply including the following tracks “Preteen Weaponry” Parts 1 through 3, was recorded in a single day. Read More »Oneida: Preteen Weaponry [Album Review]

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