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Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release [Album Review]


Lymbyc System has always given the impression of being directly related to Talkdemonic. Like Kevin O’Connor’s group, this instrumental duo places great emphasis on a hefty drum beat. This beat is as much in the forefront as the music that accompanies it – not typically the case in music, as percussion is often utilized as a support to everything else. The band’s latest album, Shutter Release, finds the band expanding in all areas of sound, a progression not expected from a mere duo. Read More »Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release [Album Review]

Lymbyc Systym: Love Your Abuser [Album Review]

Lymbyc Systym

Audiophiles have but a single cure—seeking out the best, most pleasing music for the ears to experience. Sometimes the cure comes in the form of placing that old jazz record on the turntable and giving it a good spin. Sometimes it comes in the form of placing a giant pair of headphones over your ears, closing your eyes, and letting the music surround you. Read More »Lymbyc Systym: Love Your Abuser [Album Review]

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