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Wow & Flutter: The Puget Sound [mp3]


Now this is the sound that gets me excited. Portland’s Wow & Flutter released Equilibrio! just over a month ago on Mt. Fuji Records and if you have yet to check it out, don’t hesitate. Theirs is a sound you do not want to miss. “The Puget Sound” reminds me of noisy melodramatic 90s rock, packed with dreamy vocals, ringing guitars, and heavy percussion. It’s a sound just as familiar to the northwest (their hometown is Portland, OR) as it is to that era DC. The harmonies are dissonant and emotive, while the music behind is wildly consistent and hypnotic. This is the best thing I’ve heard yet from Wow & Flutter! Read More »Wow & Flutter: The Puget Sound [mp3]

Virgin Islands [Feature]


No sooner than I discovered The Cops, they were over; succumbing to the fate all bands reach at some point. But Mt. Fuji Records mastermind Mike Jaworski is back with a new project, one in the same vein as The Cops. This group, Virgin Islands, just dropped their first EP. I picked up Age Of Anxiety on a whim while in Seattle last weekend and now I’m obsessing over its post-punk Seattle in-your-face greatness. Read More »Virgin Islands [Feature]

Point Juncture WA: Heart to Elk [Album Review]

  • Cockle 

Point Juncture WA

Point Juncture WA chose a fine time to start knocking the cover off of the ball. Their third record, Heart to Elk, has been picked up by Seattle label Mt. Fuji Records and was given wide release in February. Seattle indie radio behemoth KEXP has been wearing down the grooves of Heart to Elk for months. The band is now preparing for a national tour in support of fellow Portlanders The Thermals and the Shaky Hands, to be capped triumphantly by their first Sasquatch gig in May. Their plan for world domination may yet come to fruition. Read More »Point Juncture WA: Heart to Elk [Album Review]

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