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The School: Let It Slip [Video]

The School Band

The School is the latest band to debut on the beloved Minty Fresh label, and it’s easy to hear what attracted them to this band. Their style of pop is extremely uplifting, with tempestuously quick beats and the luscious beauty of 60s girl pop with back-up singers and instrumentation that’s as pleasant as a cool breeze in summer. The School takes the harmony vocals of The Pipettes and smooths out the rough edges, combining it with the melodic instrumentation of masters like Belle And Sebastian. “Let It Slip” is the title track off the band’s debut EP and the first single off their forthcoming LP Loveless Unbeliever. Their video for “Let It Slip” is a testament to the band’s dreamy pop. Read More »The School: Let It Slip [Video]

Drew Andrews: Suitcases, Bandages [mp3]


Drew Andrews comes from The Album Leaf fame, assisting Jimmy LaValle with dreamy pop that sifts between instrumentals and soft vocal melodies. You can hear select traces of that influence in the music Drew Andrews creates solo, albeit less dreamy and filled with more folk sensibilities. “Suitcases, Bandages” capitalizes on these traits yet finds Andrews pulling influence from his other group for a sound that is entirely pleasant, leading one to proclaim his ability to craft a genre that can only be dubbed as dream folk. Read More »Drew Andrews: Suitcases, Bandages [mp3]

Chimes & Bells: Into Pieces Of Wood [Track Review]

Chimes & Bells

If you listen closely, you’ll hear it. You may need to turn up the volume a trite, though. Throughout “Into Pieces Of Wood”, Danish solo project of Caecilie Trier (Choir Of Young Believers), Chimes & Bells is poised to explode. The tension is grating; it pulls at the soul. At the halfway point, the song begins its true build, and that’s where you hear it: a hint of experimental pop. It’s subtle, draped behind the epic powerful notes that are the basis of the song’s emotional anxiety, but it’s there. Read More »Chimes & Bells: Into Pieces Of Wood [Track Review]

SOLDOUT: The Last Ride [pReview]


I’ve never been one to regret. Anything. To me, it’s pointless; after all, the compounding experiences of my past have all led me to become the person I am today. And I like me. Before I start sounding like a cheesy self-help novel, it should be noted that SOLDOUT, from Brussels, Belgium, often uses regret as inspiration, whether being a forsaken action or a future opportunity soon to be lost. Read More »SOLDOUT: The Last Ride [pReview]

Cocoon: On My Way [Video]


In true Minty Fresh fashion, Cocoon is a lovable pop group with folk leanings that writes incredibly catchy tunes. With the lyrical prowess of Elliott Smith and the blues-y vocal styling of an indie-pop rendition of Ben Harper, Cocoon is sure to win over a diverse crowd with their upcoming depressingly titled My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash. Read More »Cocoon: On My Way [Video]

Soy Un Caballo: Robin [Video]

Soy Un Caballo

I’ve been planning to write about La Blogoteque’s Take Away Show series, of which I’ve been familiar with for quite some time, since their early days. But I had a plan. It was this: cover the release of The Lovely Sparrows’ spin-off Take Away Show, filmed in Seattle. You see, I was present and thus there may be a Fense cameo. Cool. But then I stumbled upon Soy Un Caballo (MySpace) playing “Robin” and I just couldn’t resist. Read More »Soy Un Caballo: Robin [Video]

Beangrowers: Not In A Million Lovers [Video]


The video for “Not In A Million Lovers” is apparently an intimate portrait of Beangrowers (MySpace) frontwoman Alison Galea. The title itself marks a potential heartbreak and evokes an ellipsis: Not in a million lovers… what? It could go either way, but ultimately the romantic in me concludes the phrase as follows: Not in a million lovers will I find someone as great as you. Read More »Beangrowers: Not In A Million Lovers [Video]

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