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Fugu: As Found [Album Review]


Written by Fense

I didn’t check out Fugu 1, the debut LP by Fugu, until well after its release. Featuring an impressive lineup of French and European pop artists, Fugu’s music is a blend of pop styles, from the upbeat to the softly melancholy. And, to continue the trend, I’m just now checking out Fugu’s latest.

Like the early stuff, As Found is awkward at times, a little off-kilt. But that’s what makes it great. It’s got a distinct nature, a quality that makes it unique, and that’s a rarity in the pop world, has been a rarity in the pop world for some time, and gives the album a fresh sound. Songs like opener “Here Today” and the first single, “Civil Rights”, fit the description perfectly.

Despite the occasional strange nature of Fugu’s music, it’s super clean and clear — a single listen to “Blackwell” will tell you that. It is often a bit jangly, heavily upbeat, and simply gives off warm vibrations; it’s quality pop for sure — and after only a few brief tastes, it’s quite apparent that As Found is tailoring quite well to my palette.

Fugu: Civil Rights [mp3]
[audio:1205_fugu_-_civil_rights.mp3|titles=Civil Rights|artists=Fugu]

As Found by Fugu

Minty Fresh Records [CD, 2008]

1. Here Today
2. You Pick Me Up
3. Blackwall
4. Civil Rights
5. Straight From The Heart
6. A Bigger Splash
7. I Give Up
8. Hold It Tight
9. People
10. The Flow
11. She’s Coming Over
12. Here Today (Sean O Hagan Remix)

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