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Vinyl only night on KSVR

Vinyl Only Night on KSVR

As you may already know, but I’ll state it nonetheless for those who do not, I have a weekly radio show on KSVR Mount Vernon, KSVU Hamilton and KSJU Friday Harbor. You can tune in via the respective dial pinpoints if you live within those townships, or you can stream from We will be hosting our pledge drive in April, so I thought I’d kick things off by doing something no other station in Skagit or (to my knowledge) the surrounding areas does: a vinyl only night.

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Sharon Van Etten on the Record Player

On Air at KSVR Mount Vernon: February 1, 2013 Playlist

I’ve been in a weird place musically of late. I’m a bit scattered, all over the map. My affinity for light, soft and playful folk has returned, but I’m also crushing on slacker pop and dream pop at the moment. Pretty hard, thank to bands like Darlings and Indians. I shouldn’t be surprised at this disjointedness; I have always had diverse desires when it comes to music and varied playlists like this one are a common occurrence.

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La Sera: Never Come Around [Video]


Just in time for Halloween comes La Sera‘s video for “Never Come Around.” The song finds Katy Goodman (formerly of Vivian Girls) enacting a massacre Dexter style, but without the vigilante-ism and with an eerie complacency. The video comes from the mind of Brady Hall, who also directed two for Vivian Girls — “When I’m Gone” and “Moped Girls.” This terrifying display of gruesomeness begs the question: why don’t more horror movies have pop soundtracks? If they did, the result would be much creepier and horrific than most of today’s ridiculous cinematic blood-baths. Read More »La Sera: Never Come Around [Video]

La Sera: Never Come Around [mp3]


Earlier this week I received some Hardly Art love. Yes, the 3 LP reissues by Carissa’s Wierd finally arrived via the USPS. So when they dropped me a note about one of their latest bands, La Sera, I jumped at the chance to show them some love back. La Sera, the new project of Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, All Saints Day), creates dreamy pop in the vein of Katy’s other groups. That means it’s dreamy, but full of a garage/basement pop marriage. The heavy, brooding guitar riffs are also playful and at times even joyous. The nondescript vocals are light and filled with an the swirl of cloudy thoughts. Music, to me, has always been a drug, and La Sera is the among sweetest of highs. Read More »La Sera: Never Come Around [mp3]

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