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Kasey Anderson: The Wrong Light [mp3]


Earlier this month, Portland’s Kasey Anderson dropped another album in our hands. On Heart Of A Dog, he’s backed by his band The Honkies. You can tell right off that Anderson has taken a slightly new path, one capitalizing in blues-oriented rock. He still has those drawl-tinged, country-like vocals, but Heart Of A Dog is heavier and greater in overall scope. “The Wrong Light”, opening track from the new album, screams with wild, bluesy electric guitars wrought with distortion. And Anderson’s vocals, too, seem more confident in their gritty, back-country nature. “The Wrong Light” is cool. Very cool. Anderson knows this, and he flaunts it on “The Wrong Light” in the most tantalizing of ways. Read More »Kasey Anderson: The Wrong Light [mp3]

Kasey Anderson: Nowhere Nights [Album Review]


The line between roots music and downright country music has blurred of late. Country pop artists tend to say they draw influence from powerful down-home roots artists, but rarely sound like them. So, to call Kasey Anderson an alt-country artist because of the twang in his vocals, or the subtly delightful stories he tells, would be absolutely absurd. What you year on Nowhere Nights are the words of an artist deeply rooted to what it used to mean to be a songwriter with some sad stories to tell. And that makes his music virtuous. Read More »Kasey Anderson: Nowhere Nights [Album Review]

Kasey Anderson [FensePost Exclusive]

Kasey Anderson

Today, a few blogs have joined together to exclusively premiere demos off Kasey Anderson’s upcoming LP, Nowhere Lights. The new album doesn’t hit until February of next year via Red River Records, but thanks to this post and the other participating blogs, you now have a chance to win it early. As a massive bonus, these early copies will not only be on vinyl, they’ll be hand numbered and signed by Anderson himself. Read More »Kasey Anderson [FensePost Exclusive]

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