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Marshall Poole

Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)

  • Ana Lete 

Marshall Poole

When Marshall Poole released their first official EP, The Misconception, on November 26th, 2013, the bar for alternative-indie blues/rock bands in the Northwest area was raised forever. In their first track, “Crosstops,” vocalist and lead guitarist, Rider Soran, sets the stage for the entire record as he screams “Wanna get wild?” And as the first track of the record, “Crosstops” does what it is meant to do— grabbing the attention of every listener with its memorable lyrics and energetic blues guitar riffs in good Chuck Berry and George Thorogood fashion. Read More »Marshall Poole: The Misconception (2013)

Finn Riggins: Live at The Empyrean [09.04.2010]


The night air is getting chillier here in downtown Spokane. Summer is officially winding down. School started this week, but every hip cat from Lewis & Clark down to Shadle Park High seemed to be at The Empyrean this night. It was obvious they were here mainly in support of a few of their friends, known as Sassmatrons, coming on stage who, despite their youth, showed an immense amount of energy and potential and a very broad range of talent. Despite having a less-than seasoned approach at stage presence, their fellow All-Agers seemed very impressed over all. Read More »Finn Riggins: Live at The Empyrean [09.04.2010]

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