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The Best Albums of 2008

Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

The year is over. We have a new president about to take office, a failing economy, and out of control weather. The good news is that last year saw some amazing albums hit and, thanks to the rampant oppression of hard times, next year should prove just as fruitful music-wise. After all, difficult times, depression, etc. can often breed above average achievements in the arts… right?

So here it is, my top 33 and 1/3 albums of the year and the last post of 2008. The 33 is for the top 33 albums (with a few EPs included) of the year, while the 1/3 is an honorable mention 7″ single. We’ll begin with the latter…

Read More »Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

Fredrik: 11 Years [Video]


Written by Fense

So, I guess I better just come out and say it: Na Na Ni by Fredrik (MySpace), out in Sweden on Jezebel Recordings and in the states on The Kora Records, will be snagging the ultimate spot of Best Album of 2008. This should not be a surprise to you, as I’ve likely said it since receiving the LP in the mail many, many months ago. I imported the CD from Sweden. Well, today I just picked up the vinyl version, out in the states (The Kora also released a US CD version). Read More »Fredrik: 11 Years [Video]

Fredrik: 1986 [Video]


Written by Fense

Here it is, the debut video by Swedish experimental pop masters Fredrik (MySpace), led by frontman Fredrik, also known as one half of the duo that is The LK (previously The Lovekevins). Fredrik is a bit fuller than the other project. Despite the singular name, Fredrik is actually a full-fledged group, featuring several members as opposed to The LK’s duo (also featuring Lindefelt, who appears here as well). Read More »Fredrik: 1986 [Video]

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