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Imaginary SXSW Sendoff: A 3IG Hootenanny


Has it really been two years since I was last at SXSW? Time sure does fly! The festival is back and likely crazier and more sponsored than ever. And I’m only slightly jealous of all the fun thousands of people will have as they descend upon Austin. I had some good times at SXSW ’07 and ’08, from working with the folks at The Current from Minneapolis to witnessing the joint Hootenanny production at Lovejoy’s sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls and Magic Marker Records (above photo by me, of The Zebras, at the event). Well, 3IG is back and this time they’re bringing the Hootenanny to Seattle for big ol’ sendoff party.Read More »Imaginary SXSW Sendoff: A 3IG Hootenanny

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