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In 2023, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast went on hiatus with Cosentino set to focus on her solo career. The band had been consistently active since forming in 2009 in Los Angeles.

In addition to Cosentino, the group featured Bobb Bruno, and the duo’s music can be described as a blend of surf pop and garage rock. You can find a thorough history of the band on their Wikipedia page.

For more information on Best Coast, here are some pertinent links:

Looking to pick up vinyl by the band? Check them out on Discogs and Amazon.

Below you’ll find a complete collection of posts, album reviews, 7-inch singles, features, music videos, and lists featuring Best Coast on FensePost. Hey, that rhymes!

Bags Full of Vinyl

Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2012

November 18 was the second vinyl only show, featuring an array of tunes from the likes of Sambassadeur, The Mary Onettes, Holiday Shores, Devon Williams, Le Jonathan Reilly, Christmas Island and many more. Included within were several from Sweden’s Labrador Records thanks to a recent package from the label, and I also played several tracks from artists who have released singles and LPs on Captured Tracks after receiving an order placed from eBay. Lots of good tunes this week!

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1968 BMW 1600

FensePost Top 33 and 1/3: The Best Albums of 2010

The problem with so-called best-of lists, is that they are really just a collection of items organized based on experience and time, in that there will be plenty of albums heard the following year and beyond that will hold just as much weight as these we dub as “Best.” So, as of right now, at this particular time in the tail end of 2010 and the first moments of 2011, these albums are the best. There’s no question about it; it will change. My next list (which I’ve started, but may take a while to publish) is dubbed, paraphrase: the best albums I didn’t check out in 2011 for some reason or another.

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20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

I know, I’ve owed this one to you, my readers, for a few months now. The plan originally was to concoct a sort of mid-year recap of the first half, dictating a slew of wonderful albums that may or may not come to find a spot on the inevitable end-of-year list. A hint at what may come. But that didn’t happen. I added a few hobbies to my seemingly never ending list of things that eat away at my time (see above photo) and it fell down the priority list.

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Best Coast

Best Coast: Crazy For You [Album Review]

Get ready for your summer 2010 album. Best Coast returns after a successful 7″ release for “She Was High (So Was I)” and last year’s Something In The Way with Crazy For You. Coming to us via the always astounding Mexican Summer label, Best Coast dishes out the lo-fi garage pop sound everyone’s been raving about two years now. Fitting well with bands like Real Estate and Woods, and meshing even better with Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, and The Splinters, Crazy For You finds Best Coast continuing down the path of a light Riot Grrrl revival, a beach-worthy one.

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Oops: 10 Bands I Should Have Checked Out in 2009

You know that old saying about blinking — like, don’t blink or you’ll miss it, or time goes by in the blink of an eye or some cliche crap like that? Well, shocker: It’s true. Things move fast and now as I quickly encroach upon three decades of personal existence (mere months away at this time), it seems ever more prevalent a concept.

So I decided to take a brief look back at a few bands I should have checked out last year but didn’t for some reason or another; most likely because of a lack of time.

Here are 10 bands and albums I should have checked out in 2009… a few of which would have made my top 50 of 2009.

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