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The latest headline news in music, especially as it pertains to upcoming shows throughout the Northwest. Here you will also find Lists & Mixes, FensePost exclusives and premieres, and Cover Art.

Motorik [Show Preview]


Everything I’ve been reading says the same thing: Motorik takes their name from a style of Krautrock. More specifically, the 4/4 Kraut beat. But the band doesn’t necessarily follow the genre; they’re full-on post-punk with a female front and punchy bassline. But damn! It’s hard to ignore the deep female vocals, sounding an awful lot like Katie Sketch of The Organ. Read More »Motorik [Show Preview]

U.S.E. [Show Preview]

U.S.E. is United State Of Electronica

Exaltation comes in many forms. The latest one for me is once again seeing the word Crocodile associated with live Seattle music. It champions the somewhat lesser excitement around U.S.E. (short for United State Of Electronica) and their upcoming release L O V E W O R L D, but only because the Croc has been a longtime favorite spot to see great bands. The two will meet – two being the Crocodile and U.S.E. – on March 28. That means clear tomorrow’s schedule. Read More »U.S.E. [Show Preview]

Cloud Cult: No One Said It Would Be Easy [Trailer & Show Preview]

Cloud Cult

If you have yet to check out Cloud Cult (MySpace), this little trailer might be a good introduction. And if you’re a long-time fan of the group, the video is another memento from the band for your collection. It’s for their upcoming documentary No One Said It Would Be Easy. Blending pop with electronics and music with art, Cloud Cult becomes an experiential band in both the audio and visual sense. Read More »Cloud Cult: No One Said It Would Be Easy [Trailer & Show Preview]

An Horse [Show Preview]

An Horse

I’m in bed and have been for well over an hour. It’s just past midnight and sleep isn’t coming, so I’m plugging away at my overextended email inbox. The current song on repeat is “Postcards” by An Horse, and the sound that’s blasting forth from my tiny MacBook speakers is quite reminiscent of 90s gritty alt-rock. Read More »An Horse [Show Preview]

O+S [Show Preview]


So far, I have simply labeled show previews as “Feature Band” articles. But with my induction of the pReview to that section, I’ve added Show Preview to the Live coverage (since I don’t check out as many shows these days). And the first band to feature the title is O+S, the new project by Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and Cedric LeMoyne (aka Scalpelist, from Remy Zero). Their upcoming self-titled Saddle Creek release will be out March 24, but you Seattle folks can catch them sooner. They’ll be playing Sunset Tavern on March 11. Read More »O+S [Show Preview]

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