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Solander: All Opportunities



Solander came to my attention a few years back after Fredrik Karlsson branched out from his work in Swedish orchestral and experimental folk-pop collective Fredrik. While Solander has been around for the better part of a decade, the band’s debut LP didn’t arrive until 2009 and was followed a few years later by their sophomore release. They are now prepared to give us their third album, Monochromatic Memories, in February of 2014.

The lead single on the new LP is “All Opportunities” and it further expands upon the dual ground Solander and Fredrik encompass. Stereogum premiered the track last week, calling Solander’s music:

Intimate incandescent folk-rock blown out to celestial proportions.

I agree, but what they fail to express is the haunting beauty the track conveys. This beauty lightly masks the immense, underlying presence of loss and heartbreak, as noted by Karlsson:

“When we were in the U.S. the last time,” remembers guitarist/vocalist Fredrik Karlsson, “we suffered a great loss. After that, it was impossible to focus on anything else.”

While Karlsson doesn’t hint at the details of the loss, it is abundant throughout “All Opportunities”. I’m holding my breath to long and I am / I am about to let you go, Karlson sings about a third of the way in. At the same time there seems to be a bout of hope in “All Opportunities”, a solace in the world and a clarity that, while things may never again be the same, life will carry on as it must.

Again, Monochromatic Memories is out in February, 2014 on Tenderversion. Listen and download the mp3 below.

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