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Burger Records Announces “The Wiener Dog Comp 2: The Ghoulie Tape”

White Fence (band)

White Fence (band)

Last year, Burger Records released the first volume of The Wiener Dog Compilation. Yesterday, Burger announced the second volume, which again benefits William Keihn’s dachshund pop Ghoulie. And, like the previous comp, this one includes a slew of unreleased material by Burger-friendly artists.

wiener-dog-comp-2Featuring sweet cover art by Dusty Peterman (pictured at left) and exclusive tracks by the likes of Burnt Ones, White Fence, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and many more, The Wiener Dog Comp 2: The Ghoulie Tape is available for pre-order now from Burger.

The first track to surface from the release is the contribution from White Fence (pictured at top), which is a cover of Filth track “Today’s Lesson”. On par with White Fence’s typical grimy, fuzz-saturated garage pop, it’s the perfect Burger track and alone is worth the $6.00 Burger is asking for the comp (which, like its predecessor, will be only be released on cassette).

Check out the track below and get the comp before it’s sold out. (I think the last one was gone in a matter of weeks… if not days!)

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